Nokware Aloe Vera Gel Shea Butter


Use shea butter  on skin and hair as a natural moisturizer, to reduce inflammation, scar healing,reduce cellulite and wrinkles by smoothing the skin.

Aloe vera heals sunburn, accelerates wound healing, fights ageing, reduces acne, and lightens blemishes. Throw some on your scalp even, and it will promote healthy hair growth and prevents dandruff. And since the butter uses raw, natural aloe vera gel, you’re guaranteed all of these benefits plus some extra glow from Nokware’s secret formula, because you know Nokware is all about that glow!

Scent: A delicate, sweet orange with a tinge of mint



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Nokware has this to say about their shea butter:

”We source our raw shea butter from local women’s co-operatives with whom we practice a fair-trade, zero-exploitation policy, because economic inclusion is our ultimate goal.

We honor the shared African spirit of Ubuntu, translated ‘I am because we are’, by giving back to our communities and empowering those who in one way or another, empower us. With each Shea Butter product you purchase, we can together transform the lives of over 5000 Shea butter processors and calabash growers in northern Ghana.  Together, we can use commerce as a means to empower communities and do business in a more beautiful way – with purpose.”

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