Ever wanted to have a go at make-up but have never really known where to start? Especially after watching a couple of YouTube tutorials and those make-up gurus have you feeling like it’s magic and you can’t possibly commit to do that every morning! Luckily, you don’t have to do all that and the gag is… you still will look absolutely fabulous with this simple makeup do’s.

Granted, preference shall always prevail. So you do not have to try all this out, pick a couple of faves to achieve your daily look and you are good to go. Makeup is meant to be fun, it should never feel like a task.



Have you ever wanted to hand over your moisturizer thinking someone’s face needed a little bit of Nivea love only for it to be just another case of the wrong shade? I usually find it comparable to a cloth tear, the owner might not know about it but trust me everyone notices. Issa embarrassment!  Foundation is meant to create a facade of flawless skin if done the right way. Usually matched with well done brows and sweet lip, nothing else could be needed, apart from maybe hair… Zena Beauty isn’t holding you down on hair yet.. but let us know in the comments we might surprise you 🙂


For ye who were blessed with those long beautiful lashes kindly skip this bit and thank the beauty gods, but as for me and the rest of you hunnies, I wonder close to 6 days a week (Sunday is rest day) how dust and logs of trees do not habituate inside my eyes. Long story short my lashes are non- existent. Getting extensions all the time is really pricey and waking up every single morning to slap on a strip lash can be disastrous especially if the glue just has its own horrible agenda. Luckily though, mascara came along and changed the game for us. The right mascara can have those lashes looking long and lustrous.


It’s a misconception that lippies always have to be bold. No they do not! You can have a nude gloss and be killing it wherever you are taking your pretty self that day. A good lippie just feels right, you know? Not the way some of these other lippies feel sometimes, sucking out all your lip moisture and making you look like you applied cement in the morning.All shades are stunning when worn the right way. For example, If its a really light nude for an ebony queen add a darker shade of lip liner and create a fancy ombre to keep them looking at the gorgeous full lips. Try out some pinks, reds, purples.. go crazy!



Now, don’t go crazy! We see all these beautiful women with scary eyebrows… word to the wise don’t go too heavy, quit it with the boxed eyebrows and finally always get the right shade (yes that black is too dark for you hunnie!!) Regardless of them being drawn on, they do need to look as natural as possible, let them frame your face in peace.

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